Window help

Each window or dialog on the plsql scheduler java client has a window number, this number can be found on the upper-left before the window's name.
If help is needed for some window then click on the links below for a full detail explanation.

W00   W01   W02   W03   W04   W05   W06   W07   W08   W09   W10   W11   W12   W13   W14   W15   W16   W17   W18   W19   W20   W21   W22   W23   W24   W25   W26   W27   W28   W29   W30   W31   W32   W33   W34   W35   W36   W37   W38   W39   W40   W41   W42   W43   W44   W45   W46   W47   W48   W49   W50   W51   W52   W53   W54   W55  

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W00 Login Plsql Scheduler
W01 Scheduler
W02 Error message
W03 View
W04 Message
W05 Task output
W06 Output export
W07 Script create (select package)
W08 Script create (select package procedure)
W09 Queue edit
W10 Queue monitor
W11 Queue properties
W12 Queue export
W13 Task edit (select queue)
W14 User monitor
W15 About plsql scheduler
W16 Script edit
W17 Task parameters
W18 Script export
W19 Script submit (select)
W20 Script edit (select)
W21 Script delete (select)
W22 Script submit
W23 Server monitor
W24 Preferences
W25 Task properties
W26 Task tree
W27 User delete (select)
W28 User privileges
W29 User registration (select)
W30 Script grant
W31 View edit
W32 View open (select)
W33 View edit (select)
W34 View delete (select)
W35 View copy (select)
W36 Confirm
W37 Directory (select)
W38 Input
W39 Log export
W40 Script export (select)
W41 Script copy (select)
W42 Server parameters
W43 View export (select)
W44 View export
W45 Queue properties (select)
W46 Queue edit (select)
W47 Queue open
W48 Queue close
W49 Script create (select procedure)
W50 Queue delete
W51 Task edit
W52 Queue export (select)
W53 Preview
W54 Task copy
W55 User edit (select)
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