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In a scheduler task output is written to different destinations.
If a scheduler task is deleted all the destinations and their output are also deleted.
Check the PL/SQL output documentation on how to create new destinations.

There is no limit on the number of destinations.
If a scheduler user can view a scheduler task the user has access to all its destinations.

Default destination

Default all the scheduler task output is written to one destination.
This default destination is created when the scheduler task is activated.
The default destination name is output.

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Output destinations

A scheduler task can have more than one output destination, all the output destinations are shown on the task properties window (output panel).

Screenshot PL/SQL scheduler window W25 Task properties (output panel)

The name of the task output destination.
The name is case sensitive and has a maximum size of 32 characters.


The number of task output lines written to the task output destination.


The total size of the task output.


The date and time the task output destination was created.


The date and time the last task output for this task output destination was generated by the running scheduler task and send to the scheduler server.


The date and time the last task output for this destination was written to the database by the scheduler server.
There can be a little delay between sending to output by the scheduler task and writing the output to the database if the server is very busy.

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The output for each destination can be viewed on the task output window.

Screenshot PL/SQL scheduler window W05 Task output

The task output line number.


The date and time the output is generated by the scheduler task.


The task output.

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