If you have decided to purchase the scheduler you need a license.

A license is only needed for the server part.
The latest version of the GUI for the same server release can be downloaded for free at any time on the download page.
For the free scheduler version made available for the Oracle Database 10g Express Edition (XE) no license is needed.

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Service contract

If a scheduler is ordered three types of service contracts can be selected.

The half year service contract can be changed to an annual service contract at any time.
The free trial version is only valid for two weeks. When the free trial service contract expires the scheduler server software will not work anymore. After the half year service contract or the annual service contract expires the license is still valid. So except for the free trial service contract the scheduler server software will keep running; new scheduler releases (patches and/or upgrades) are not available anymore after the license period has expired.
New versions of the GUI available for the same server release can always be downloaded for free directly from the download page.

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Trial service contract

A free trial service contract is valid for two weeks.
After this period the scheduler server software does not work anymore; this simply means that after the trial period has expired scheduled programs are not activated anymore by the PL/SQL scheduler.
The trial contract can be upgraded to a half year or annual service contract without losing any data; scheduler scripts and scheduler tasks created during the trial period are still valid.

It is also possible at any time to request a new trial service contract.

Just fill in the order form and select the Two weeks trial version at the service contract popdown list on the purchase page. The free trial version will be mailed as soon as possible to the email address specified on the order form.

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Half year service contract

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Annual service contract

A service contract is valid for 1 year. After each year when the service contract expires it can be renewed by another year.

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Database name

When obtaining a license the name of the database is needed in which the scheduler server software is going to be installed.
The name of the database can be checked with the following SQL statements (this must be done by someone who has select privileges on the two sys views v_$database and v_$instance).

select name from sys.v_$database;
select instance_name from sys.v_$instance;

The two SQL statements must display the same name otherwise the scheduler server will not work.
The name of the database is not case sensitive.

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Company name

The company name is used for display only and is shown together with the license information on the about plsql scheduler window.

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